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Shetland Sheepdogs



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Our family of sheltland sheepdogs live in a beautiful part of Northamptonshire and are here for you to share. All of our shelties are pets first and foremost, who share our home. We occasionally have litters and if you are interested in finding a little more please feel free to contact us. All our pups are breed and born in our home, by this we aim to give them the very best start in life by being part of the family. Our youngsters are very sociable with good temperament, with contact from children and other animals throughout their time with us.

Saunderswood offspring have been successful in the show ring and we hope that the future holds many more shows where our boys and girls do well.




A person who has never owned a Sheltie has missed a wonderful part of life!!

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Right to left: Saunderswood Shoemaker, Smoothie & Smartie

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